6 Social Media Marketing Tips During COVID-19

In a time of the global pandemic, you may be unsure of how to best communicate with your customers. With the Center for Disease Control (CDC) urging everyone to practice social distancing, having the right social media strategy is crucial. Thankfully, today’s technology gives us the ability to keep up these relationships and stay engaged within our communities.

Here are six things to consider when creating social media content during this time of crisis:

Step 1: Be quick to act.

Your patients will be wondering how this crisis affects their treatment. It’s crucial that you act fast and reach out to your current patients to let them know the steps you are taking to ensure their safety.

Waiting too long to inform patients of any changes or updates can be stressful and negatively affect your brand. They may assume you aren’t concerned or taking the situation seriously. You can pin any relevant information to the top of your Facebook page, so it’s the first thing patients and followers see when they check your page.

Step 2: Be considerate.

Take time to think about your patients and how this outbreak is affecting them. Consider their needs as you make decisions within your office. Be encouraging during this time, and ask your patients how they’re handling these changes.

It can be beneficial to put any contests, humorous posts, or anything similar on hold, focusing instead on your virtual services and crisis management practices.

Step 3: Take Action.

Your current and potential clients want to know what actions you’re taking to provide a safe environment. You can highlight the steps you’re taking in emails and social media posts to keep your community updated.

As you’re planning your crisis management plan, consider some of these questions:

  • What changes have you made to your daily office cleaning habits?
  • How are you protecting patients and staff?
  • Have your business hours changed or gone exclusively virtual?
  • Will your patients’ appointments be canceled or rescheduled? Will treatment be delayed?
  • How can customers get in touch with you to address questions and concerns?
  • Where are you keeping patients updated with the latest information?


Step 4: Try to help.

By reaching out to help your community, you can make deeper connections with your audience.  People want to do business with brands that genuinely care.

Consider taking the following steps to help your audience during the crisis:

  • Set up a relief fund for those in your community affected by the virus.
  • Create educational content that will help your audience navigate or understand the crisis.
  • Consider revising your payment terms, or offer a delayed payment option.

Step 5: Don’t joke.

What you say matters. Making jokes about a situation that is negatively affecting so many will make you seem insensitive and uncaring.

Even if you typically take a more light-hearted tone, keep things sober in your content.

Step 6: Monitor the crisis and adjust communications appropriately.

Keep up regular communication with your patients and followers throughout the crisis. Don’t be afraid to adjust the way you’re addressing or handling the crisis and update your audience with new information.


In this uncertain time, these are just a few ways to help build up your community. Just because you are closed, doesn’t mean you have to be silent! However, the most crucial step you can take (aside from washing your hands) is showing that you care. Your patients are likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Make sure they know you care about their health and well-being.


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