How To Quickly Gain Starts Once Your Office Reopens

As our country and communities are settling into the changes brought about by COVID-19, it’s important to be thinking ahead. There’s no denying businesses are running a little differently, and because of this, many orthodontists are finding new and innovative ways to meet the needs of their patients. However, many may be wondering how to reach out to potential new patients as businesses slowly begin to reopen their doors.

Making the transition to virtual services in order to keep up with patient needs and staying connected in our communities has been essential these past few months. Social media gives us opportunities to make connections that wouldn’t have been possible in the past, while services like Zoom allow us to communicate face-to-face in real-time with people we can’t see in person. These services are great for keeping up current patient care, but who’s ready for new patient exams in your practice!? Is your calendar already booked?

It’s time to get your practice growing again! Here’s our shortlist of items for you to do now to book your calendar for your grand reopening:

Update Your Website

In today’s market, it is essential to offer virtual services. The biggest factor in your success during the COVID-19 outbreak will be incorporating virtual visits and consultations. This will allow you to continue providing your patients with high-quality care in the safest way possible. Having a page on your website dedicated to COVID-19 updates and virtual services will give patients easy access to your new services, encouraging them to take advantage. This information is helpful to your potential new patients, but it also helps you. 

When thinking about increasing your leads in the current social climate, it’s important to consider the language you use. When thinking about gaining new leads post-pandemic, you’ll want to be intentional about every aspect of your online presence. The team at Neon Canvas will work with you to maximize your web content for search engine optimization. This includes:

  • Creating a virtual visits and consultations page
  • Adding a direct link to your COVID-19 updates
  • Create content based upon popular web searches in your area

This will ensure that when people in your community begin to wonder if they can see an orthodontist during COVID-19, you’ll be there to show them they can!


Where you put your advertising dollars during this time is going to be critical in the success of your practice on the heels of COVID-19. Facebook and Instagram ads tend to create an impulse, whereas Google ads can be tailored to fit keywords that are performing well in SEO. This will help boost traffic to your website based upon the virtual services you’re offering that are now in high demand.

Another way to encourage growth once you return to the office is by setting up a display campaign. Our graphic designers will create content that features your business logo and any relevant information pertaining to your virtual services. This will inform people of your virtual capabilities that way, when people in your area search for a way to straighten their smile virtually, your office is the first result! Display ads will allow you to reach Google partner network sites. This will effectively prop up your SEO and help you keep up an online presence, as well as replacing your volume traffic with new interested patients.

Leverage Your Existing Community

Implementing and promoting your virtual consultation services is an excellent way to reach new potential patients. Virtual consultations are relatively new to the field of orthodontics, so many future orthodontic patients may not have heard of them. When you begin to promote this new and convenient service, you’ll give people an opportunity they never knew they had.

When thinking about reaching your current community of patients, it’s important to stay connected. Creating social media posts about what you’re doing in the community is the best way to do that! By updating your patients on the ways you’re giving back, whether that’s through donating personal protective equipment to local hospitals or increasing support to the local football league, you can show them you care.

Make the leap!

If you’ve been considering making the transition to virtual services, now is the perfect time. By updating your website, adjusting your advertising, and connecting with your community, you can continue to wrap your arms around your current community, ensuring that they’ll be spreading the word about your high-quality treatment and dedicated, caring staff.

As we continue to adjust to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, being able to effectively connect with patients and your community will set you apart from the competition. With a few simple strategy changes, you can embrace your current client community while guaranteeing a client base in the post-pandemic days ahead.

Ready to Get More Leads & Grow Your Business?